EDA: aluSELECT: Most Widely-Used Aluminium Materials Properties aluSELECT: Aluminium Alloys Database

aluSELECT: Aluminium Materials Properties

aluSELECT is a computer-based reference database containing technical information on the most widely used aluminium alloys. This Database is accessible after registration for free and allows the user to obtain information about the mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of aluminium alloys. At present, 35 wrought alloys and 12 casting alloys are indexed.

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EDA system makes it possible to have a vast overview of information and comparison capability of materials and their properties.

Fig. 1: Data presentation in EDA
The unique data model to illustrate and compare Mechanical and Physical Properties

Comparison of data (Yield Strength)
Comparison of data (Fty vs Ftu)