EDA: Material properties aluSELECT: Aluminium Alloys Database
    Material properties

    Material properties

    Each alloy in aluSELECT database comes with a datasheet. The material properties are presented in tables or graphs. This way of presentation helps the users to analyze, assess, or compare the alloys with each other. The List of these properties are as follows:

    • Chemical Composition
    • Processability
      • Joining Processes
      • Finishing Processes
      • Machinability
    • Durability
      • Corrosion Resistance
    • Characteristics
      • Physical Characteristics
      • Mechanical Characteristics
    • Mechanical Properties
      • Elongation at Fracture
      • Hardness
      • Tensile Strength
      • Yield Strength
      • Load Control Fatigue -Physical Properties
      • Thermal Conductivity
      • Average Expansion Coeff.
      • Electrical Conductivity
        Material data model