EDA: List of Alloys aluSELECT: Aluminium Alloys Database

List of Aluminuim Materials in aluSELECT Database

aluSELECT database contains 47 different Wrought and Cast alloys. For each material, the mechanical and physical properties are presented in the form of graphs and tables. The list of materials in aluSELECT is as follows:

  1. Wrought Alloys: There are 8 series of wrought alloys. These are designated by a 4 digit number that may be preceded or followed by letters. A prefix is used to designate the standard AA of the Aluminium Association or EN AW for the European standard. A suffix "A" indicates a national variation of the alloy, e.g. EN AW-6005A. The following wrought alloys are in aluSELECT data base.

    EN AW-3003 EN AW-6061 EN AW-6082 EN AW-7075
    EN AW-2024 EN AW-5052 EN AW-5454 EN AW-5754
    EN AW-5083 EN AW-5005A EN AW-6016 EN AW-6060
    EN AW-2011 EN AW-2030 EN AW-5049 EN AW-6106
    EN AW-7020 EN AW-1050A EN AW-1200 EN AW-2014
    EN AW-2017A EN AW-3005 EN AW-3103 EN AW-3105
    EN AW-5251 EN AW-6005A EN AW-3004 EN AW-6063
    EN AW-2007 EN AW-7010 EN AW-2014A EN AW-5154A
    EN AW-5182 EN AW-5005 EN AW-5086

  2. Cast Alloys: Casting alloys are classified by composition using a 3.1 digit number. The first digit specifies the major alloying element(s).

    EN AC-42000 EN AC-43100 EN AC-43200 EN AC-43300
    EN AC-44000 EN AC-44200 EN AC-44300 EN AC-45000
    EN AC-46000 EN AC-47000 EN AC-47100 EN AC-48000